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Waze is preparing a mobile client for Windows Phone

2018-01-14 06:46:39

An Israeli startup Waze the Mobile prepares its mobile client Waze social mapping service for smartphones running Windows Phone. Now a new program is at the stage of the final beta. This was reported today by one of the users of the portal under the nickname Reddit EZMODE.

EZMODE received a message from the developers in which they offer to him to update his Waze app for Windows Phone to the latest beta release.

Also, developers have reported that the final version of Waze mobile client for Windows Phone will be released in the near future. However, the exact date of the announcement is not yet known.

It is worth noting that the first test version of software came out in April of this year.

I recall the summer of Internet giant Google has acquired geolocation startup Waze Mobile. The cost of the deal & ndash; about 1.1 billion US dollars. However, the Google, contrary to expectations, did not stop work Waze navigation service with social features that allows routes and monitor the situation on the roads in real time.

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